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I love you. I'm gonna fight for you.

–Nat to Alice, "Lapse in Judgement"

The relationship between Alice Pieszecki and Nat Bailey began when they met and started dating two years before "Let's Do It Again".

They are in a monogamous relationship at the start of Generation Q, but, after a drunken threesome with Nat's ex-wife Gigi Ghorbani in "LA Times", Alice, Nat, and Gigi officially become a throuple. By the end of season one, Alice realizes that the throuple isn't for her, and Nat chooses to be with Alice over Gigi. However, the throuple experience makes Nat realize she wants to be in a polyamorous relationship and while Alice tries to accommodate this initially, they break up in "Luck Be a Lady".


Generation Q[]


Nat: "I love you. I'm gonna fight for you. Okay?"
Alice: "Just me?"
Nat: "Yes. Just you."
-- in "Lapse in Judgement"

Alice (to Nat): "You deserve someone who can do this with you."
-- in "Luck Be a Lady"