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Alice: "Oh, my God. Tasha, what are you doing here?"
Tasha: "The watch is really beautiful. I'm sorry I can't accept it."
Alice: "What do you mean, you can't accept it?"
Tasha: "Because of what happened to Lisa. Her husband gave her this watch. It was all inscribed, and it said that he'd love her forever. And then when she was over there risking her life, he left her for some neighbor or something."
Alice: "Well...he's a fucking asshole."
Tasha: "He took their daughter, and he said in his letter that Lisa was a bad mother because she left her to go fight in a war."
Alice: "Well, I'm sure she got her daughter back when she came back from Iraq, right?"
Tasha: "Lisa's never going to get her little girl back, Alice. She ain't never coming home from Iraq. Fuck. This wasn't supposed to happen. I wasn't going to fall for anybody while I was back."
Alice: "What do you mean, while you were back? Are you going somewhere?"
Tasha: "My orders came down. My unit's being mobilized back to Iraq. I'm leaving in two weeks."
-- in "Literary License to Kill"

Tasha: "One of the things that's asked of us when we go to the front lines is that we be prepared to be separated from the people that we love. And we ask it of them, too. We ask them to go and let us fight for their freedom, maybe to never come home. And when we do come home, we feel blessed. It seems so wrong now to have my personal freedom denied to me within my own country. It seems wrong to watch the person that I love be interrogated like a criminal when she did nothing wrong."
-- in "Lay Down the Law"

Dan: "Who wants to tell me why you're here?"
Alice: "Oh, we're just here for a tune-up."
Dan: "Does that seem like an accurate assessment to you, Tasha?"
Alice: "She's the one who called it that. We've just had a couple of little-- little things come up lately."
Dan: "What sorts of little things?"
Alice: "Money. I make a lot more than she does."
Dan: "How's that make you feel, Tasha?"
Alice: "Resentful. She doesn't want me to spend as much because she can't afford it."
Dan (to Tasha): "Is that true?"
Alice: "Absolutely. We couldn't even get a bigger apartment because she couldn't share the rent fifty-fifty. And I also think she resents me because I don't clean as much as she does."
Dan (to Tasha): "Do you?"
Alice: "Oh, look, now she's mad."
Dan: "Is there anything else?"
Alice: "Tasha broke up with me last week."
Dan: "Really? Why did you break up with Alice, Tasha?"
Alice: "Because she thought I cheated, when I didn't even kiss the girl."
Dan: "Did you think about it?"
Alice: "Yeah, but, I mean, she wouldn't have even known if I didn't tell her. So I think the mere fact that I disclosed the information should count to something. Right?"
Dan: "But if you knew Tasha's feelings about the subject of cheating, why did you choose to tell her?"
Alice: "I think we're past it. I think what we have to work--"
Dan: "Alice, this is called couples' therapy for a reason. Now, Tasha, this process works much more effectively if you participate. Why do you think Alice told you?"
Alice: "She doesn't even want to be here."
Tasha: "I think that she told me because she wanted to break up with me, and bringing this woman between us was the easiest way to do that. She knew how I felt, she knew that I would break up with her, and when I did, she got scared. And that's why we're here."
-- in "Least Likely"

Alice: "Pros and cons list. My mother used to make these all the time to kinda decide whether she's gonna divorce her ex-husbands."
Tasha: "And that's the model we're gonna follow?"
Alice: "Well, she had very successful divorces."
-- in "Least Likely"

Alice: "The only person that I ever really loved as much as Tasha was Dana. Dana Fairbanks."
Duffy: "And Dana broke your heart as well?"
Alice: "She broke my heart, and then she got sick."
-- in "Last Word"