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You know, my moms would always say I could be president or Supreme Court judge, but whenever anyone would ask me, like, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I would say Snoopy. 'Cause I was four, and it seemed doable.

Angie, "Lake House"

Angelica "Angie" Porter-Kennard first appeared as a toddler in seasons two through six of The L Word, making her debut in "Lacuna". She returned for the sequel The L Word: Generation Q, first as a recurring character in season one, then as a main character in season two. On Generation Q, she is portrayed by Jordan Hull and debuts in "Let's Do It Again".

Angie is the daughter of Bette Porter and Tina Kennard.

Physical appearance[]

She has black hair and with streaks of blue.

Episode appearances[]

The L Word, season 2
Episode Appearance Status
Life, Loss, LeavingAbsent
Lap DanceAbsent
Loneliest NumberAbsent
Lynch PinAbsent
Lagrimas de OroAbsent
Late, Later, LatentAbsent
Land AhoyAbsent
Loud & ProudAbsent
The L Word, season 3
Episode Appearance Status
Labia MajoraAppears
Lost WeekendAppears
Light My FireAppears
Lone StarAppears
Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the WayAppears
Losing the LightAppears
Last DanceAppears
Left Hand of the GoddessAppears
The L Word, season 4
Episode Appearance Status
Legend in the MakingAppears
Livin' La Vida LocaMentioned
Lez GirlsAppears
Luck Be a LadyAppears
Lesson Number OneAbsent
Lexington and ConcordAppears
Lacy Lilting LyricsAbsent
Little Boy BlueAppears
Literary License to KillAbsent
Long Time ComingAppears
The L Word, season 5
Episode Appearance Status
LGB TeaseAppears
Look Out, Here They Come!Mentioned
Lady of the LakeAbsent
Let's Get This Party StartedMentioned
Lookin' at You, KidMentioned
Lights! Camera! Action!Appears
Lesbians Gone WildMentioned
Lay Down the LawMentioned
Liquid HeatMentioned
Lunar CycleAppears
Loyal and TrueAppears
The L Word, season 6
Episode Appearance Status
Long Night's Journey Into DayAppears
Least LikelyAbsent
Leaving Los AngelesAppears
Litmus TestAbsent
Lactose IntolerantMentioned
Last Couple StandingMentioned
Last WordAppears
Generation Q, season 1
Episode Appearance Status
Let's Do It AgainAppears
Less Is MoreAppears
Lost LoveAppears
LA TimesMentioned
Loose EndsAppears
Lose It AllMentioned
Lapse in JudgementAppears
Generation Q, season 2
Episode Appearance Status
Late to the PartyAppears
Lean on MeCredit Only
Luck Be a LadyAppears
Lake HouseAppears
Lobsters, TooAppears
Love ShackCredit Only
Launch PartyMentioned


The L Word[]

Generation Q[]

Notes and trivia[]


  1. Technically her "earthmother" because Alice doesn't believe in god.
  2. The L Word, 3x01: "Labia Majora".