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The relationship between Bette Porter and Pippa Pascal began when they first met in "Lake House" and began dating in "Light".


Generation Q[]


Pippa: "Good god, woman."
Bette: "I'm-- I'm persistent."
Pippa: "You do know trespassing is a crime, right?"
-- in "Lake House"

Pippa (to Bette): "I don't trust you. You're one of them now."
-- in "Lake House"

Pippa (to Bette): "Don't touch me like this unless you're coming home with me."
-- in "Lake House"

Bette: "I'm so happy to be here. There's no other place on Earth I'd rather be."
Alice: "That was really believable."
Bette: "I just... I hate chasing people down. I feel like that's what I do all day."
Alice: "Yeah, I get it. It's very demoralizing."
Shane: "Who are you chasing? 'Cause I know it's not Gigi."
Bette: "Just all the artists I want to work with. The rebels, the disrupters, the game changers. I mean, none of them want to join Zakarian."
Shane: "Pippa still won't sign with you?"
Bette: "She won't even take a meeting with me."
Shane: "What, she's not susceptible to your charm?"
Bette: "Well..."
Shane: "Wow. You're attracted to her."
Bette: "No. It's just that, um... She's everything."
Shane: "Wow."
Bette: "Yeah."
Alice: "Look, I get it. I am also trying to bone somebody I work with."
Bette: "I'm not trying to bone her. I'm just trying to work with her."
-- in "Love Shack"