Carmen de la Pica Morales is Shane's ex-fiancée whom Shane left at the altar.


Carmen realized that she was gay when she was 16. She had fallen in love and slept with Lucía Torres, a girl at her high school who was the girlfriend of Pablo Fuentes, a notorious individual no one messed with at the time.

She also became involved with Papi, then known by her real name, Eva Torres.

The L Word

Season 2

While still pursuing her passion for music by moonlighting as a DJ, Carmen worked as a production assistant at a TV station. While tending to Arianna Huffington's needs one day, she met Shane, who'd been hired as Huffington's hairdresser at the time. The two began sleeping together, and while Shane claimed to not want a relationship, Carmen tried to pursue her.

When Carmen saw Shane kiss another woman, she was dejected and ended up sleeping with Jenny Schecter. This time, it was Carmen who tried to make it clear that she was not interested in a serious relationship with her and tried to keep it casual. Shane tried to hide how affected she was by Carmen and Jenny's relationship, though when she became evidently self-destructive, Carmen confronted her about it. The two confessed their love for one another, and Jenny broke up with her.


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