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And if you don't take any risks, then you might as well be dead.

Carmen, "Late, Later, Latent"

Carmen de la Pica Morales[7] is a main character in seasons two and three of The L Word, before returning as a guest character in season six. She is portrayed by Sarah Shahi and debuts in "Life, Loss, Leaving".


Carmen comes from a large but tight-knit extended Mexican-American family in East Los Angeles, California.[4] Her family are of Maya heritage and they are familiar with Mayan culture.[3][6] Carmen's mother, Mercedes Morales, is a very family-oriented matriarch,[4] while Carmen's father died in a motorcycle accident before she was born.[3] Carmen's father was a Mayan medicine man and Carmen has a tattoo on her hip in honor of him.[3] Carmen also has a sister named Anna.[4] Carmen and her extended family often converse in Spanish, and her abuela (Spanish for "grandmother") does not speak English.[4][6]

Carmen's family are very traditional[2] and adhere to a Christian/Catholic denomination.[4][1] It is understood within Carmen's extended family that certain topics are not to be openly talked about, including family members being gay.[4] Instead, Carmen's mother prefers to live in denial about such things[6] and as such, Carmen has not come out to her family.[4] Carmen has numerous uncles, aunts and cousins, including an Uncle Poppy who borrowed his sister's prom dress when he was younger, though the Morales family never talks about it.[4]

In her family's eyes, Carmen was an "angel" growing up.[1] She was also the nuns' favorite at her quinceañera church ceremony.[1] Carmen realized that she was gay at the age of 16 when she fell in love with Lucia Torres, who was the girlfriend of Pablo Fuentes at the time.[7] Pablo was a notorious individual no one dared to mess with, but that did not deter Carmen who slept with Lucia anyway.[7] Carmen also attended high school with Papi, then known by her real name Eva Torres. On their prom night, Carmen and Papi snuck off and went to a porn festival instead, where Papi proceeded to teach Carmen how to "69".[6] Carmen's friend Luis has been in love with her since they were children, but he is unaware that she is gay.[1]

Upon her introduction in The L Word, Carmen has a day job as a production assistant in Hollywood and has worked on sets with Arianna Huffington and Fischerspooner.[3] However, Carmen's true passion is DJing; she is a part-time club DJ who performs at Little Temple on Fridays and does "a night of old school, body wave and electro" at MRX every other Wednesday.[3]

The L Word[]

Season 2[]

While still pursuing her passion for music by moonlighting as a DJ, Carmen worked as a production assistant at a TV station. While tending to Arianna Huffington's needs one day, she met Shane, who'd been hired as Huffington's hairdresser at the time. The two began sleeping together, and while Shane claimed to not want a relationship, Carmen tried to pursue her.

When Carmen saw Shane kiss another woman, she was dejected and ended up sleeping with Jenny Schecter. This time, it was Carmen who tried to make it clear that she was not interested in a serious relationship with her and tried to keep it casual. Shane tried to hide how affected she was by Carmen and Jenny's relationship, though when she became evidently self-destructive, Carmen confronted her about it. The two confessed their love for one another, and Jenny broke up with her.

Season 3[]


Notable relationships[]

Episode appearances[]

The L Word, season 2
Episode Appearance Status
"Life, Loss, Leaving"Appears
"Lap Dance"Appears
"Loneliest Number"Appears
"Lynch Pin"Appears
"Lagrimas de Oro"Appears
"Late, Later, Latent"Appears
"Land Ahoy"Appears
"Loud & Proud"Appears
The L Word, season 3
Episode Appearance Status
"Labia Majora"Appears
"Lost Weekend"Appears
"Light My Fire"Appears
"Lone Star"Appears
"Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way"Appears
"Losing the Light"Appears
"Last Dance"Appears
"Left Hand of the Goddess"Appears
The L Word, season 4
Episode Appearance Status
"Legend in the Making"Mentioned
"Livin' La Vida Loca"Mentioned
"Lez Girls"Absent
"Luck Be a Lady"Absent
"Lesson Number One"Absent
"Lexington and Concord"Absent
"Lacy Lilting Lyrics"Absent
"Little Boy Blue"Absent
"Literary License to Kill"Absent
"Long Time Coming"Absent
The L Word, season 5
Episode Appearance Status
"LGB Tease"Absent
"Look Out, Here They Come!"Absent
"Lady of the Lake"Absent
"Let's Get This Party Started"Absent
"Lookin' at You, Kid"Absent
"Lights! Camera! Action!"Absent
"Lesbians Gone Wild"Absent
"Lay Down the Law"Absent
"Liquid Heat"Absent
"Lunar Cycle"Absent
"Loyal and True"Mentioned
The L Word, season 6
Episode Appearance Status
"Long Night's Journey Into Day"Mentioned
"Least Likely"Absent
"Leaving Los Angeles"Mentioned
"Litmus Test"Absent
"Lactose Intolerant"Absent
"Last Couple Standing"Absent
"Last Word"Appears
Generation Q, season 2
Episode Appearance Status
"Late to the Party"Absent
"Lean on Me"Absent
"Luck Be a Lady"Absent
"Lake House"Mentioned
"Lobsters, Too"Absent
"Love Shack"Absent
"Launch Party"Absent
"Last Dance"Absent
"Last Call"Absent


Quotes by or about Carmen from The L Word.

Carmen: "Is Jenny always so weird?"
Shane: "She's not weird. She's great."
Carmen: "Well, maybe she's one of those people that's, you know, she's constantly in her head."
Shane: "Carmen, she's a writer. She's supposed to be like that."
-- in "Labyrinth"

Carmen: "I know how hard you work to keep yourself at a distance from everyone else on the planet, but it's not working for you anymore."
Shane: "It's working fine."
Carmen: "No, it's not. It's not, because of this. Okay? Do you feel this? Most people don't have this. This is rare."
Shane: "So what?"
Carmen: "That's right. So what? So what, if nothing ever comes out of this? So what, if you'll never act on it? You are so convinced that having a relationship near you is going to kill you."
Shane: "Because it will."
-- in "Late, Later, Latent"

Carmen: "Jenny wouldn't know what the real deal was if it bit her in the ass. She is so lost in her own darkness. I think she likes it in there."
-- in "Late, Later, Latent"

Carmen: "You're not living your life, Shane. And if you don't take any risks, then you might as well be dead."
-- in "Late, Later, Latent"



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