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The following is an incomplete list of characters that have appeared on The L Word and The L Word: Generation Q.

Note: The character descriptions give a generalized overview of the character, and may not reflect their most recent storyline.

Major characters[]

Characters who have been credited as series regulars on The L Word and/or The L Word: Generation Q.

Recurring characters[]

Characters who have appeared in three or more episodes of The L Word and/or The L Word: Generation Q.

  • Adele Channing (TLW) – Jenny's conniving personal assistant.
  • Candace Jewell (TLW) – a carpenter and Bette's love interest.
  • Carrie Walsh (GQ) – a public defender and Tina's fiancée.
  • Catherine Rothberg (TLW) – a compulsive gambler and high roller.
  • Cherie Jaffe (TLW, GQ) – a Hollywood socialite and Shane's love interest.
  • Cindi Annabelle Tucker (TLW) – nightclub owner from Miami and Dawn's girlfriend.
  • Dan Foxworthy (TLW) – a highly exclusive therapist.
  • David Waters (TLW) – Kit's estranged son.
  • Dawn Denbo (TLW) – nightclub owner from Miami and Cindi's girlfriend.
  • Dylan Moreland (TLW) – a filmmaker and Helena's love interest.
  • Felicity Adams (GQ) – a married woman whom Bette has an affair with.
  • Franklin Phillips (TLW) – Bette's boss at the CAC.
  • Gabby Deveaux (TLW) – Alice's toxic ex-girlfriend.
  • Gabriel McCutcheon (TLW) – Shane and Shay's good-for-nothing father.
  • Harrison Landy (TLW) – Dana's tennis doubles partner and her gay beard.
  • Henry Young (TLW) – a single father and Tina's love interest.
  • Howie Fairbanks (TLW) – Dana's gay younger brother.
  • Irwin Fairbanks (TLW) – Dana's Republican father.
  • Ivan Aycock (TLW) – a drag king and Kit's love interest.
  • James (TLW) – Bette's loyal personal assistant.
  • Jamie Chen (TLW) – an LGBT youth counselor whom Alice and Tasha befriend.
  • Jared Sobel (TLW) – Paige's son who befriends Shay.
  • Jordi Sanbolino (GQ) – a high school student and Angelica's love interest.
  • Joyce Wischnia (TLW) – a cocky civil rights lawyer.
  • Kelly Wentworth (TLW) – Bette's wealthy college roommate.
  • Lara Perkins (TLW) – a chef and Dana's love interest.
  • Lena (GQ) – TBA
  • Lenore Pieszecki (TLW, GQ) – Alice's mother and a struggling actress.
  • Leonard Kroll (TLW) – Phyllis' husband and Molly's father.
  • Lisa (TLW) – a "lesbian-identified man" and Alice's love interest.
  • Marcus Allenwood (TLW, GQ) – an artist who donates his sperm to Bette and Tina so they can start a family.
  • Maribel Suarez (GQ) – TBA
  • Melvin Porter (TLW) – Bette and Kit's strict and old-fashioned father.
  • Mercedes Morales (TLW) – the matriarch of the Morales family and Carmen's mother.
  • Molly Kroll (TLW) – Phyllis' rebellious daughter and Shane's love interest.
  • Nadia Karella (TLW) – Bette's flirtatious teaching assistant.
  • Nat Bailey (GQ) – a therapist, Gigi's ex-wife, and Alice's love interest.
  • Niki Stevens (TLW) – a Hollywood starlet and Jenny's love interest.
  • Paige Sobel (TLW) – a single mother and Shane's love interest.
  • Peggy Peabody (TLW) – an eccentric billionaire art collector and Helena's mother.
  • Phyllis Kroll (TLW) – an accomplished educator and late-in-life lesbian.
  • Pippa Pascal (GQ) – an artist and Bette's love interest.
  • Randy Jackson (TLW) – Tim's friend and fellow swimming coach.
  • Rebecca Dowery (GQ) – a priest and Finley's love interest.
  • Rodolfo Nùñez (GQ) – a shady self-made businessman and Dani's father.
  • Sam Makavejev (TLW) – a cinematographer who works with Tina and Jenny on Lez Girls.
  • Sharon Fairbanks (TLW) – Dana's Republican mother.
  • Shay McCutcheon (TLW) – Shane's younger half-brother and Gabriel's son.
  • Tom Mater (TLW) – Jodi's interpreter and Max's love interest.
  • Tom Maultsby (GQ) – Alice's book editor and love interest.
  • Tonya (TLW) – a guest liaison and Dana's fiancée.
  • Tess Van De Berg (GQ) – TBA
  • Winnie Mann (TLW) – Helena's ex-girlfriend whom she has two children with.

Minor characters[]

Characters who have appeared in two or less episodes of The L Word and/or The L Word: Generation Q.

  • Allyn Barnes (TLW) – an artist who was Bette's teacher at Yale.
  • Carla McCutcheon (TLW) – Gabriel's wife and Shay's mother.
  • Faye Buckley (TLW) – the leader of a conservative Christian group that protests Bette's art show.
  • Manfredi Ferrer (TLW) – an Italian nobleman and Marina's husband.
  • Marybeth Duffy (TLW) – a police detective who investigates Jenny's death.
  • Sandy Ziskin (TLW) – Jenny's Jewish mother.
  • Warren Ziskin (TLW) – Jenny's Jewish stepfather.

Mentioned characters[]

Characters who have been mentioned but have never appeared on The L Word and/or The L Word: Generation Q.

  • Maxine – Bette's estranged mother and an artist.