You asked me the other day how I sleep at night, but the truth is, I don't. I am damn good at my job, but I want to work for someone I believe in.

–Dani to Bette Porter, Let's Do It Again

Dani Núñez is a powerful and calculating PR executive who desperately wants to use that power for good. She's trying (and often failing) to balance her enormous career ambitions and her personal life, but constantly feels like she's not giving enough of herself to either one.[1] She is one of the main characters of The L Word: Generation Q.


Dani had a complicated relationship with her father, Rodolfo Nùñez, and often struggled to forge her own path while still maintaining a meaningful relationship with him.[1]

Following in her father's footsteps, Dani took up Communications at Stanford University and took her graduate studies at the University of Southern California.[2] At one point during this time, she dated Micah Lee before he transitioned, and they remained very close friends after they broke up.[3] She eventually came to work for her father at his investment company and became Director of Communications, in charge of dealing with PR problems for their company.

At one point, she began dating Sophie Suarez and eventually moved in with her, along with Micah. Dani bought a ring and hid it in her car, pushing off her proposal to Sophie until she could get her father's approval.[2]

Generation Q

One morning, Sophie made a joke about a new neighbor proposing to Micah before Dani could. Once they were alone, Micah pointed out that she was senselessly waiting because her father would never think Sophie was good enough for her. At work later that day, Dani took over for a meeting when her father couldn't make it. She met with Bette Porter, a mayoral candidate looking for potential donors to their campaign. During the meeting, Bette questioned their company's investment in pharmaceuticals, and Dani tried, and failed, to defend the company's choices to her. Bette stood by her decision to not get in business with investors involved with pharmaceutical companies and called out Dani for putting up with it. Case in point, after the meeting, her father informed her about a new potential scandal she needed to handle: a son of Jack, one of their employees, had just died of overdose. As part of her job, Dani spoke to Jack and coached him about how to speak to the press about it, convincing both him and herself that they weren't liable. After this, her father told her that he and the board had just decided to promote her to Senior VP. When Dani brought Sophie up into the conversation and he called her Dani's "friend", dismissing their relationship as something fun for her in her youth, Dani became suddenly determined and took out her engagement ring, proposing to Sophie as soon as the latter arrived home. Meanwhile, the events of the day affected Dani more than she'd like to admit, more so after she watched an interview with Bette on the show Sophie worked at, Alice. Dani quickly developed an admiration towards Bette and came to her one day, offering her help to handle PR for her campaign.[2] Telling both her father and her fiancée of her new job ended in disapproval on both sides, with Sophie disappointed that she hadn't consulted her first before making the decision. Her father refused to attend their engagement party, but by the end of the night, she and Sophie had made up. Meanwhile, Dani left her father's company and started at Bette's campaign, resulting in a brief adjustment at not having a big office like she was used to. Nonetheless, she settled right in and started helping Bette's campaign manager Pierce work on Bette's image. She was confident in taking point and making decisions before telling them, causing a bit of tension with Pierce.[4]


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