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She's really dramatic. Is she an actress?

Alice about Gigi, "Less Is More"

Golnar "Gigi" Ghorbani[1] is a main character in The L Word: Generation Q. She is portrayed by Sepideh Moafi and debuts in "Let's Do It Again".

Gigi is a passionate and quick-tempered realtor who's navigating co-parenting with her ex-wife Nat Bailey.


Gigi's parents are Iranian and have eight children: seven sons and Gigi, their only daughter and middle child. Gigi's real name is Golnar, but her mother came up with the Americanized nickname "Gigi" (after her initials "G.G.") because Gigi's grade school classmates couldn't pronounce "Golnar".[1]

Gigi comes from a large family who were not well off but were very tight knit. Growing up, her brothers taught her how to fight and always stood up for her. Her father used to be her best friend until he became distant when she came out as gay. She is still very close to her mother and brothers.[1] Gigi is fluent in Farsi and often converses with her children in the language.

Prior to Generation Q, Gigi and Nat Bailey were best friends before dating and eventually getting married.[3] Nat is the birth mother of their two children, Olive and Eli, who were conceived using a sperm donor.[1] When Eli, the younger of the two, was little, he got very sick and had to be hospitalized. At the hospital, Eli kept calling out for "mama" even though both Gigi and Nat were right there. Nat realized Eli was calling for their friend Mona and figured out that Gigi was having an affair with said friend.[4] Nat refused to hear Gigi out and kicked her out of the house.[5] It took Gigi and Nat two years after that to be on good terms with each other.[6]

After their divorce, Gigi and Nat's friends took Gigi's side even though she had cheated because she was the "cool one".[3] Meanwhile, Nat moved on and started dating Alice Pieszecki, which greatly upset Gigi initially as she felt like she was losing her family.[4]

At the start of Generation Q, Gigi is an established and successful realtor.

Generation Q[]

Season 1[]

In "Let's Do It Again", Gigi unexpectedly shows up at Nat's house in the morning to take their kids, Olive and Eli, to school, even though it is Alice's turn. Gigi claims she didn't know it was Alice's turn but Nat calls her out on the lie. Despite Nat's objections, Alice insists it's fine for Gigi to bring the kids to school this time. Before she leaves with the kids, Gigi gives Alice a backhanded compliment about her talk show.

In "Less Is More", in a flashback from two years ago, Gigi shows up at Nat's house late at night upset over their failed marriage. She bangs on the front door and yells that she just wants to talk. Nat's new girlfriend Alice considers calling the police, but Nat assures her that Gigi is mostly harmless. When Nat refuses to open the door, Gigi goes to retrieve a hammer much to Alice's alarm. Gigi hammers a nail to Nat's door and hangs her wedding ring on the nail. She then screams at Nat and Alice some more before leaving.

In the present day, Eli gets sick and Gigi is over at Nat's house looking after the boy. After Eli goes to sleep, Gigi and Alice bond. Gigi tells Alice that the last time Eli was this sick was when he was a baby and had to be hospitalized. Gigi reveals that that was also the beginning of the end of her and Nat's marriage, when Eli kept calling out for "mama" at the hospital even though both Gigi and Nat were right there. Nat realized that Eli was calling for their friend Mona and that Gigi was having an affair with Mona. Gigi says that her kids have forced her to be honest about who she is and how she hurts people. Gigi apologizes for the hammer incident and tells Alice she makes Nat really happy.

In "Lost Love", Gigi runs into Alice when she drops her kids off at home, and Alice reveals to Gigi that Nat admitted that she misses Gigi because Gigi was not just her wife and girlfriend but, she was also her best friend. At first Gigi thinks Alice means that Nat misses her as her wife but Alice quickly corrects her and suggests that Gigi and Nat get coffee, and bond. After a few awkward moments, Gigi and Nat begin hanging out again and continue to bond and share inside jokes about Nat's college boyfriend with one another during Bette's mayoral debate. At the end of the night Gigi and Nat are still bonding when Alice points out that it's time for Gigi to go.

In "LA Times", Alice is doing a family photoshoot for a article with Nat and the kids and Gigi brings the kids sports equipment that they forgot at her home. Gigi is then interviewed by the reporter who mistakenly believe that Gigi is Alice's girlfriend not Nat. Then, Gigi, Nat, Alice and the kids are all photographed together.

Gigi is seen at Shane's 40th Birthday Party at Dana's and she, Alice and Nat end up having a threesome in the backroom at Dana's. During it, it's apparent that Gigi still has feelings for Nat.

In "Labels", Gigi wakes up in Nat and Alice's bed and quickly dresses and runs out the back door after one of the kids knocks on the door and attempts to get in. Later on, Gigi, Nat and Alice discuss their threesome and admit that they enjoyed being together and want to consider being in a throuple. Nat however is still angry and hurt over Gigi's infidelity and questions Gigi on why she would want to be in a throuple with them. Gigi then reveals that she's willing to do whatever it takes to be with Nat. When Nat continues to express her anger over Gigi's affair, Gigi becomes emotional and asks Nat what she wants and again reiterates that she'll do anything Nat wants her to to make this up to her. Gigi then begins to leave until Nat says that she doesn't want Gigi to leave.

Gigi, Nat, and Alice then agree to be in a throuple and begin to work out how their relationship will work, and what they will tell people.

In "Loose Ends",

In "Lose It All", As Alice struggles at work, Gigi and Nat get closer. After Gigi reads to their son, Nat becomes nostalgic and admits that she misses these private family moments with Gigi. Gigi admits that she misses them as well, and the two move to kitchen to have tea. They continue their conversation and Nat states that she feels guilty for putting their children through their divorce, and Gigi reveals that Nat never gave her a choice- after Nat discovered Gigi had cheated on her with a mutual friend, she immediately kicked Gigi out of their home and filed for divorce and in Gigi's words- "you didn't even give me a chance to make it up to you." Nat admits that she was wrong to end their marriage so quickly and that she should have tried harder to forgive Gigi. She and Gigi end up kissing and have sex. When Alice comes home and discovers them in bed together, Gigi and Nat invite Alice into bed with them, not realizing that Alice is not okay with them having a sexual relationship without her. Alice then leaves and Gigi encourages Nat to give her some space and time.

A week later, Gigi, Nat and Alice have dinner were Gigi and Nat tell Alice they want to continue the throuple but Alice refuses and states that the two of them used her to repair their marriage, and the throuple appears to be over.

In "Lapse in Judgement", Gigi does not appear but we find out that Gigi and Nat attempted to make their relationship work after the throuple ends but they both realize that what they had is over and their marriage cannot be repaired. Nat then goes to Alice's live show and chooses to commit solely to Alice, ending the throuple for good.

Season 2[]

In "Late to the Party", Gigi continues to goad Alice and Nat on about the failed throuple. To get Gigi off their backs, they set her up on a blind date with Bette. The date starts off poorly as Bette shows little interest in Gigi. In the middle of the date, Bette's ex-wife Tina shows up with her new fiancée Carrie. Gigi wins Bette over by being rude to Carrie; the two bond over their failed marriages and share a kiss.

In "Lean on Me", Gigi is spending her evening at Bette's house. She listens to Bette complain about her boss, Isaac Zakarian, and tells Bette that she just needs to get clear on what she wants from Isaac. Gigi then asks Bette if she wants her and Bette acknowledges that she does; they have sex all the while playfully battling each other for control.

Gigi is Bette's plus-one to a poker game at Shane's bar where the atmosphere is tense following the recent revelation that Sophie cheated on Dani. When Shane calls Bette out for cheating on Tina in the past, Gigi reassures Bette that she won't judge her because she also cheated on her ex-wife, which Alice is only too happy to rub in her face.

In "Luck Be a Lady", Gigi is seen walking into an apartment building with Bette, and Gigi is very affectionate with Bette and Bette informs her that she has to leave for a meeting and informs Gigi that she should not let Dani's father walk all over her. We learn that Bette has asked Gigi to help Dani find a new apartment after her breakup from Sophie. Gigi is warm towards Dani and Rodolfo but seems caught off guard when Bette refers to Gigi as her girlfriend.

Gigi shows Dani and Rodolfo a large penthouse apartment with a view of Los Angeles. Gigi then comforts Dani about her father's insistence that she buy an apartment by telling her that her own father is the same way and would often say "Four walls make a man free, but only if he owns them." Gigi then reveals that she is Persian and fluent in Farsi. When Dani informs Gigi that she is also Persian (Dani's late mother was Iranian and taught Dani Farsi) and is also fluent in Farsi they lightheartedly mock her father and appear to bond. When Dani's father insists that Dani buy the apartment, Gigi assures Dani that she will do what Dani says not what Rodolfo says.

Gigi then goes to the Frogtown Artwalk on a date with Bette. During the date, Gigi asks how one knows if abstract art is any good and Bette replies that it is based on how the art makes you feel and what catches your eye. Gigi continues to be affectionate with Bette, and after Bette is deeply moved due to her discovery of her favorite artist Pippa Pascal. Gigi offers to visit the piece again after she realizes how happy the piece makes Bette.

Gigi is then seen at Bette's home bringing her a strawberry smoothie with a flower that she placed in the straw. Due to her anger over a fight with Angie, Bette doesn't notice the flower, and snaps at Gigi. When Bette reveals that she is angry because Angie did a DNA test a discovered the identity of her donor a year before she was supposed to do so, Gigi questions if Bette's anger is more about insecurity over being a non-biological parent. Gigi reveals that she is also a non-biological parent (Nat carried their children) and even though she knows that they are her children, she sometimes worries that she is less of a parent. Bette states that isn't the issue, and when Angie asks who Bette is speaking to, Bette coldly says no one after she had previously referred to Gigi as her girlfriend. Gigi asks what Bette meant by coldly stating she was no one, and leaves after Bette states that she doesn't have time to discuss their feelings, and the motivation behind Bette's short behavior.

When Gigi is in her office, Dani stops by to pick up the keys to her new penthouse, and Gigi warmly greets her and asks about Rodolfo. Dani confides in Gigi that this wasn't the life she was planning, and Gigi reveals that she is aware of Dani and Sophie's breakup because Bette told her about Finley interrupting their wedding and Dani being left at the altar. Once she realizes how sad Dani still is over the breakup, Gigi offers to show Dani around her new neighborhood, and insists that Dani looks like she needs a friend, and a night out.

Dani and Gigi have dinner in a restaurant in DTLA. Dani tells Gigi that after Finley interrupted her wedding, and she discovered that Sophie had cheated on her, she punched Finley in the face before leaving. Gigi laughs and commends Dani for being a badass. Dani tells Gigi that her father who never approved of Sophie has not rubbed it in and has been too nice to her and she's worried that he might be sick. Gigi tries to reassure Dani by telling her that her father loves her and probably just realizes that she's in pain and wants to support her. Gigi then tells Dani that she is the only girl out of eight children and has seven brothers who she loves. She also reveals that her mother was very supportive after she came out and they are very close. She also states that her father who was once her best friend, did not react well to her coming out and Gigi used to be angry with him for distancing himself from her but now she feels sorry for him because he's missing out on having a relationship with her. Dani and Gigi continue to talk about their families- like Dani's grief over her mother's death when she was a child, and how she used to sleepover at her friends' homes just to eat breakfast with their families in the morning and not be lonely. A man then comes up to Gigi and begins to flirt with her and Gigi states that she and Dani are lesbians on a date and tells him to leave them alone. Gigi tells Dani she's aware they aren't on a date and that she only told him that because it was the fastest way to get rid of him. Dani appears to feel guilty and states that she is happy for Gigi and Bette and thinks Bette is lucky to have found someone who is as funny and kind as Gigi. Gigi becomes visibly uncomfortable and tells Dani that she isn't sure she and Bette will work out. Dani then apologizes to Gig but Gigi assures her that she doesn't need to and instead Gigi tells Dani that she wants to know more about Dani..

Gigi then drives Dani home, and while in the car, Gigi ignores a call from Bette and continues to talk to Dani. Gigi does an impression of her aunt, and tells Dani that her real name is Golnar and that Gigi (her initials Golnar Ghorbani- G.G.) is simply a nickname that her mother made up in grade school because the other children could not pronounce her name correctly. Gigi also reveals that her family was working class. Dani then thanks Gigi for dinner and reveals that it's the best time she's had a while and it was unexpected. Gigi assures her that the pleasure was all hers and when she begins to pull up to Dani's father's home- they see Rodolfo Nunez being arrested.

In "Lake House", Gigi is seen asking the agents arresting Dani's father if they can tell them what is happening and why he is being arrested. Gigi is then seen in her loft having sex with Bette in her kitchen.

In "Lobsters, Too" Gigi is waking up in her bed and sees Bette working on her computer in the living room. Gigi guesses that Tina is back from Toronto which is the reason that Bette could stay over. Gigi then asks Bette if she wants to talk about the argument that had earlier at Bette's house over Bette's treatment of Gigi but Bette brushes her off. Gigi then tells Bette that she can stay for as long as she pleases but that she has an appointment with someone. When Bette comments on the quickness, Gigi reveals it's Dani that she's meeting and informs Bette that she can tell Gigi how she really feels about Gigi being friends with Dani. Bette declines, and Gigi leaves to meet Dani.

Gigi waits in the car while Dani is inside the jail visiting her father. After Dani returns and informs Gigi that she is the new CEO of her family's company, Gigi congratulates her and drives her home. In Dani's new apartment Gigi helps Dani unpacks, she pours Dani wine and lights a candle. Gigi asks Dani about her father and points out that Dani filters her opinions like a PR specialist even in private. When Dani apologizes, Gigi assures her she doesn't mind but she thinks it must be taxing to constantly have to filter your opinions and Dani confirms it is and that she feels that if she doesn't she will end up hurting people like her father. Dani tells Gigi that Sophie visited her when she was in Ojai and she tells Gigi that she secretly always knew that she and Sophie were not meant to be together but that she ignored it because she loved Sophie and didn't want to admit the truth. Dani wonders why she lied to herself for so long and Gigi informs her that it was self perseveration and that we all lie to ourselves. Gigi admits that she used to love that way but now she's interested in learning from relationships, letting them run their course, and giving her partner space. Dani comments that it's a nice way to live but Gigi admits that she usually gets bored and ends up alone. Gigi tells Dani that she (Dani) will love like that again- Dani asks when and Gigi replies "soon." Dani remarks that Gigi is very easy to talk to and Gigi laughs and says not everyone agrees (clearly referencing Bette and her reluctance to open up to Gigi). Dani replies that the people who don't agree don't matter, and as Dani walks to kitchen, Gigi stares at her...

Then Gigi is in Dani's kitchen looking for tea bags, and she and Dani joke in Farsi. When Dani puts a picture of her and Micah on the counter, Gigi asks about their friendship and tells Dani that if she misses Micah, she should tell him. Dani remarks that Gigi sounds like Sophie but Gigi informs that she doesn't Dani just doesn't have anyone else to compare her to. She tells Dani there's more than just Sophie or not and one day Dani will see that. Dani then asks if Gigi is flirting with her, and Gigi laughs and says no, she doesn't think she is. Gigi admits she likes Dani's energy and that if her feelings change and develop into something more, she'll let Dani know, she's good at that. Gigi then receives a text from Bette asking if she wants to come over and Gigi texts back that she can't tonight, and continues to have tea with Dani.

In "Love Shack" Gigi is seen at Dana's with Dani and Micah on karaoke night. When Dani sees Finley and Sophie she attempts to leave but Gigi stops her and informs Dani that she is reclaiming her space and that she has just as much of a right to be here as they do. Gigi then has a drink with Dani and remarks that even though you know someone is wrong for you, your ego still takes a hit when they reject you (she's referring to her failed relationship with Bette). Gigi is then seen talking to Dani as Bette, Shane, and Alice sing LoveShack. Gigi then has a drink with Dani and asks Dani if she is going to speak with Sophie after Sophie sends Dani a martini. Gigi is then seen at the bar talking to Bette. Gigi asks Bette if she wants to meet her in the bathroom for old times sake. Gigi then reveals she's joking and states that while she believes there is a parallel universe where she and Bette are having sex in the bathroom, she knows they're not. She asks Bette what went so wrong with their relationship and Bette reveals that she simply wants something more and Gigi is not enough. Gigi then asks if Bette truly believes there is someone out there who checks every single box and Bette says "I know there is." Gigi then tells Bette goodnight and looks visibly wounded.

Gigi is then seen standing next to Dani when Sophie begins to serenade Finley in front of everyone. Heartbroken and humiliated, Dani quickly leaves the bar, and Gigi immediately chases after her. Gigi catches up to Dani and tells her she just wants to talk to her. Dani admits she isn't fine and Gigi admits she knows that. Dani confides in Gigi how humiliated she was and how even then she was the wrong who was cheated on and embarrassed, and she feels like she no longer has a space to be with people like her. Gigi tries to comfort her and tells her it's still her space as well but Dani insists it isn't. Dani then asks if they can leave, and Gigi agrees and offers to go back and get Dani's purse.

Gigi and Dani are then seen walking later that night and eating ice cream. They both share ice cream with one another and talk about Dani's participation in eating contests as a child. Dani jokes that she always has a career in competitive eating to fall back on and Gigi offers to go back and get more and they laugh. Gigi then looks at Dani and says "they've changed." Dani is confused and asks "What has changed?" Gigi then tells her that she told Dani that she would tell her if her feelings for Dani changed into something more than just liking her energy- and they have, they've changed. Gigi then takes a spoon full of Dani's ice cream and walks away while Dani looks genuinely stunned.

In "Light" Gigi has lunch with Nat to discuss the custody schedule for their children when they run into Alice, and Bette having lunch at the same restaurant. Gigi then sees Nat and Alice having sex in Alice's car when Alice's head pokes out of the sun roof. Gigi is then seen eating at a food truck with Dani and tells her about seeing Nat and Alice having sex. They both laugh and Gigi asks if they are going to talk about what happened the other night after karaoke. Dani is reluctant and states she planned on just forgetting it ever happened. Gigi laughs and says "lock it in a closet and throw away the key type- my favorite." Gigi assures Dani that it's okay if she doesn't feel the same way about her and that Gigi can handle it and they can continue to be friends. Dani states that isn't it and then reveals she questions the timing and thought it was a slightly insensitive. Dani states that she had a horrible night and Gigi was there for her and made her feel better but when Gigi told her she had feelings for her- it changed everything. Dani states she needed a friend that night. Gigi then says that they're friends but Dani says that it's really about Bette and Dani not wanting to hurt Bette's feelings because she and Gigi just broke up. Gigi tries to assure Dani that Bette will not care because Bette did not have deep feelings for her and Dani admits her own feelings for Gigi when she says she finds it hard to believe that Bette didn't develop deep feelings for Gigi. With this revelation Gigi sits closer to Dani and tells Dani that if this is really about Dani's fear that she'll hurt Bette, then she needs to talk to Bette.

After leaving a charity poker game, Dani goes to Gigi's apartment late at night and Gigi comments that Dani is more dramatic than she thought. Dani tells her she couldn't tell Bette and Gigi states it's fine it was just and timing. Dani then asks why Gigi has slept with everyone Dani knows (Dani ran into Nat and Alice at the game and Nat reveals that Gigi has genuine feelings for Dani and she hasn't seen her like this in a long time, and that she and Alice would be grateful if Dani started dating Gigi). Gigi points out that is an exaggeration and Dani admits that it is. In truth, Dani is worried about how real Gigi's feelings for her are. After being cheated on and left by Sophie for Finley, Dani understandably has issues trusting people and wants to know that Gigi has real feelings for her, and that it isn't just lust because she can't handle being hurt again. Gigi and Dani then kiss for the first time and Gigi asks Dani to come inside but Dani says that she can't because she just isn't ready to sleep with her yet. Gigi then tells Dani "it's real, it's very real" and they continue to kiss in the rain.

In "Launch Party" After a fight with Bette, Dani goes to Gigi's apartment and when Gigi asks how it went with Bette, Dani disregards Bette and she and Gigi have sex for the first time. Afterwards, Dani is getting ready to go back to work, and Gigi sits behind her and hugs her and Dani informs her of an issue with the charity initiatives Dani started and how her father is demanding she fix it. Gigi questions if Dani can even say no to her father and Dani becomes angry and snaps at Gigi. Gigi tries to apologize but Dani leaves. Later that night, Gigi is in her office working when Dani stops by with Chinese food and tries to apologize for snapping at her earlier. Gigi claims she had to work but Dani points out that Gigi didn't want to see her because of what happened earlier. Gigi admits she didn't want to be yelled at again and tells Dani she doesn't do well with indecisiveness (hot and cold thing). Dani apologizes and asks Gigi to accept the food. Gigi points out Dani's apologies need work, and Dani jokes that beef noodles can fix most things and Gigi laughs. Dani confides in Gigi that her father would often come between her and Sophie and they fought over him a few times. She says that her father always made her feel like she had to choose between a relationship with him and a relationship with Sophie. Gigi consoles Dani and Gigi says her father used to make her feel the same way with Nat and she understands what Dani is going through. Dani admits she was embarrassed because Gigi saw the way her father mistreats her and how Dani was incapable of standing up to him. Gigi says she hopes she didn't do anything to make Dani feel that way and Dani assures her she didn't and that she actually stood up to her father today because of Gigi and it felt good. Gigi then tells Dani that she really likes her, and they kiss and have dinner.

In, "Last Dance" Gigi and Dani have breakfast and discuss Dani coming to Eli's recital with Gigi. Gigi offers to bring edibles to make the concert more bearable. A distracted Dani tells Gigi that she is stressed over work and going up against Bette over the exhibit at the CAC. Gigi reassures Dani, takes her hand and assures her that this is what Dani is good at.

As the recital is about to start, Gigi calls Dani to ask if she is close by and Dani lies and says she is stuck in traffic and that she will Gigi afterwards. Gigi then comes over to Dani's apartment for dinner, and as they are setting the table, she tells Dani that Eli had a nosebleed and was embarrassed. Dani apologizes for missing the recital and says that she had a long day. Gigi points out that Dani said she was stuck in traffic and Dani admits she lied because she had a bad day and didn't know how to say it. Gigi then asks Dani if she is trying to hurt her and Dani says no. Gigi then points out that what Dani is doing is hurtful. Gigi says that she knows Dani is going through a lot and that she is happy to be there for her but she will not let Dani take her anger and sadness out on her simply because she is in pain. Dani apologizes for lying and Gigi hugs her. Dani admits that she has a hard time opening up to people, and that no one holds her when she's sad. Gigi points out that Dani doesn't let people hold her and that "she's prickly when she's sad." Gigi tells Dani that if she doesn't push her way, she will always hold her. Dani says that scares her because Gigi is truly the only person she has and the only person she can truly trust and she's afraid of screwing it up and losing her. Dani then wonders how Gigi gets her to open up and be vulnerable and Gigi jokes that she was married to a therapist and they kiss.

When Finley comes over to Dani's apartment drunk, Gigi helps Dani care for her. She gets Finley water, and tries to get Finley to sit down. When Finley stumbles almost falls on Dani, Gigi catches her and helps Finley sit down. Gigi is then seen trying to get Finley to drink water while they wait for Sophie to pick her up.

Physical Appearance[]

Gigi is a very pretty, small-framed woman of Persian descent with shoulder length curly dark brown hair (with occasional highlights), large brown, beautiful expressive eyes and has a full voluptuous body. Her skin has a light brown complexion, often glowing naturally, and is described by many as extremely beautiful.


Gigi is passionate, intelligent, quick-witted, and confident. At first, Gigi is seen as cocky, emotional volatile and struggling to move forward after her divorce from Nat. However we soon learn this is because her marriage to Nat ended abruptly after it was revealed that Gigi was unfaithful to Nat, and they never had true closure. After they attempt to be a in throuple with Alice, they discover their marriage is truly over and Gigi and Nat both fully let go and begin to move forward. After finally getting closure, Gigi's natural personality becomes more apparent to us throughout the second season, we discover that she is warm, supportive, very kind, funny, has healthy boundaries, honest, emotionally available and very communicative. We also learn that she knows her own self worth, and is not afraid to stand up for herself. Gigi's caring nature continues to become more apparent throughout her relationship with Dani Nunez.


Notable relationships[]

Full list[]

The table below shows the complete known history of Gigi's romantic relationships.

No. Series Name Type Episodes
1 GQ Dani Nùñez Girlfriend GQ: 2x07 – present
  • Main article: Dani and Gigi.
  • Gigi and Dani are in a relationship in season two of Generation Q.
2 GQ Bette Porter Girlfriend GQ: 2x01 – post 2x05
  • Main article: Bette and Gigi.
  • Gigi and Bette are in a relationship in season two of Generation Q.
3 GQ Nat Bailey Wife, girlfriend GQ: pre 1x01
GQ: 1x04 – post 1x07
  • Main article: Gigi and Nat.
  • Gigi and Nat were married and divorced prior to season one of Generation Q.
  • Gigi joins Nat and Alice in a throuple in the second half of the season.
4 GQ Alice Pieszecki Girlfriend GQ: 1x041x07
5 Pre-GQ Mona Affair GQ: pre 1x01
  • Gigi had an affair with a woman named Mona while she was married to Nat.

Episode appearances[]

Generation Q, season 1
Episode Appearance Status
"Let's Do It Again"Appears
"Less Is More"Appears
"Lost Love"Appears
"LA Times"Appears
"Loose Ends"Appears
"Lose It All"Appears
"Lapse in Judgement"Mentioned
Generation Q, season 2
Episode Appearance Status
"Late to the Party"Appears
"Lean on Me"Appears
"Luck Be a Lady"Appears
"Lake House"Appears
"Lobsters, Too"Appears
"Love Shack"Appears
"Launch Party"Appears
"Last Dance"Appears
"Last Call"Appears




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