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I also realized that I'm in love with you. Now I'm like all those stupid girls.

–Jenny to Shane, "Least Likely"

The relationship between Jenny Schecter and Shane McCutcheon began when they met in "Pilot". They become roommates and best friends in season two of The L Word, and eventually date in season six.


The L Word[]


Carmen: "Is Jenny always so weird?"
Shane: "She's not weird. She's great."
Carmen: "Well, maybe she's one of those people that's, you know, she's constantly in her head."
Shane: "Carmen, she's a writer. She's supposed to be like that."
-- in "Labyrinth"

Jenny: "I think I've been judged a lot. And, I don't know, people here just think that I'm, like, this pariah."
Shane: "You're not a pariah. You know that. I love you too."
-- in "Long Time Coming"

Jenny (to Shane): "I also realized that I'm in love with you. Now I'm like all those stupid girls."
-- in "Least Likely"

Helena (on the phone): "Alice, what the bloody hell is going on?"
Alice (on the phone): "Jenny just-- she just took Shane outside. She said she wanted to talk."
Helena (on the phone): "Well, isn't it a bit late for that? Alice, what are they saying?"
Jenny: "I just wanted to tell you..."
Helena (on the phone): "What are they talking about?"
Jenny: "You know what, I don't have... I don't have expectations for our relationship."
Alice (on the phone): "Jenny doesn't want to put any expectations on their relationship."
Jenny: "And I was thinking we should probably set some boundaries, you know? 'Cause we live in the same house."
Alice (on the phone): "Jenny wants boundaries."
Helena (on the phone): "Boundaries? Jenny doesn't even know the meaning of the word. She's never had any boundaries. Ever."
Jenny: "What I'm trying to say is, I just want it to be different."
Alice (on the phone): "Yeah, right."
Jenny: "'Cause I know you."
Shane: "I know you do."
Alice (on the phone): "They're kissing! Ew! Ew!"
Helena (on the phone): "Alice, you're being childish. They're both grown-up. If they want to get involved with one another, that's totally their prerogative."
Shane: "You're a good kisser. You know that."
Alice (on the phone): "Shane just said Jenny was a good kisser!"
Helena (on the phone): "Ew! My god! That's disgusting!"
-- in "LMFAO"

Shane: "Are you testing me? Is that what this is about? Are you... I mean, are you putting on the Crazy Jenny Show just to see how far you can push it with me?"
-- in "Leaving Los Angeles"

Shane: "Thanks for taking care of me."
Jenny: "Of course. I'm always gonna be there for you, Shane."
-- in "Lactose Intolerant"