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Katherine "Kit" Porter[1] is a main character in The L Word. She is portrayed by Pam Grier and debuts in the series premiere.

Kit is the half-sibling of Bette Porter. She is very loyal, passionate, and supportive of her family and friends.

The L Word[]

Season 1[]

Kit was addicted to alcohol and continued to struggle with it, relapsing several times before she joined Alcoholics Anonymous. There, she met the genderqueer Ivan Aycock, whom she begins a non-sexual courtship with. He began to lead Kit on a better path, even aiding her in regaining her license, which had been revoked due to her DUI. Their romantic relationship ended when she accidentally walked in on him changing, revealing a binder, prosthetic penis, and Ivan's longer hair; this embarrassed him and made him feel uncomfortable with pursuing a romantic relationship with her.

Season 4: Kit finds out about Angus cheating on her. She relapses with alcohol.


Around nine years after Jenny's death, Kit got into a car accident. She was prescribed an opioid painkiller — a very powerful one that she quickly became addicted to, considering her already ongoing struggle with addiction. Around nine months later, she died of a heroin overdose.[1]





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