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"Looking Back" is the eleventh episode of the first season of The L Word. It is the eleventh episode of the series overall and premiered on March 28, 2004.


Bette prepares for the gallery's new show and hires Candace, an attractive female contractor, to handle the set-up. Tina, Jenny, Shane, Alice and Dana share an eventful trip to Palm Springs.



Guest starring[]


  • Preston Cook as James
  • Meredith McGeachie as Tonya
  • Andrea Whitburn as Young Dana at Age 16
  • Harley Reiner as Young Shane at Age 8


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Notes and trivia[]

  • The flashback at the beginning of the episode shows a young Lenore Pieszecki at a Hollywood party watching on as two women make out in a pool; later in the episode Lenore claims that she joined in, but a second flashback showed that the two women had no interest in Lenore.


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