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Peabodys don't have debts, darling. Not to anyone, and certainly not to society.

Peggy to Helena, "Lady of the Lake"

Peggy Peabody is a recurring character in seasons one, two, three, five, and six of The L Word. She is portrayed by Holland Taylor and debuts in "Longing".

Peggy is the eccentric billionaire founder of the Peabody Foundation and the mother of Helena Peabody.


Peggy is the billionaire heiress of United Steel. She is a major art collector and her personal collection includes exhibits such as Provocations.[4] Peggy is also the founder of the Peabody Foundation which offers grants to many non-profit organizations and museums, including the California Arts Center.

Peggy has one child, Helena Peabody, whom she had with a penniless British aristocrat in England. Peggy rarely spent time with her young daughter, a fact which Helena remains bitter about as an adult.[1] Peggy's fondness for Bette Porter over her own daughter has also left Helena feeling inadequate and resentful.[5]

The L Word[]

Season 1[]

Peggy Peabody is introduced in Season One when Bette Porter attempts to convince her to lend her collection "Provocations" to the California Art Center, Bette's place of employment. Even though this attempt was initially unsuccessful, Bette makes a positive impression on Peggy. This helps later on when Bette's employers attempt to fire her, and Peggy convinces them not only to keep her on, but to extend her contract, guaranteeing Bette's career for a longer time.

Season 2[]

Peggy seems to be living a carefree lifestyle with her new lover, who does not speak English. She passes on her fortune and foundation to Helena, and plans to move to the Grenadines.

Season 3[]

Peggy resumes her relationship with her former lover, Marilyn, who she was in a relationship with in 1973.

Episode appearances[]

The L Word, season 1
Episode Appearance Status
"Let's Do It"Absent
"Lies, Lies, Lies"Appears
"Losing It"Mentioned
"Listen Up"Absent
"Luck, Next Time"Absent
"Looking Back"Absent
"Locked Up"Absent
"Limb from Limb"Absent
The L Word, season 2
Episode Appearance Status
"Life, Loss, Leaving"Absent
"Lap Dance"Absent
"Loneliest Number"Mentioned
"Lynch Pin"Appears
"Lagrimas de Oro"Absent
"Late, Later, Latent"Absent
"Land Ahoy"Absent
"Loud & Proud"Absent
The L Word, season 3
Episode Appearance Status
"Labia Majora"Absent
"Lost Weekend"Absent
"Light My Fire"Absent
"Lone Star"Mentioned
"Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way"Absent
"Losing the Light"Appears
"Last Dance"Absent
"Left Hand of the Goddess"Appears
The L Word, season 4
Episode Appearance Status
"Legend in the Making"Mentioned
"Livin' La Vida Loca"Absent
"Lez Girls"Mentioned
"Luck Be a Lady"Mentioned
"Lesson Number One"Absent
"Lexington and Concord"Absent
"Lacy Lilting Lyrics"Absent
"Little Boy Blue"Absent
"Literary License to Kill"Absent
"Long Time Coming"Absent
The L Word, season 5
Episode Appearance Status
"LGB Tease"Mentioned
"Look Out, Here They Come!"Absent
"Lady of the Lake"Appears
"Let's Get This Party Started"Absent
"Lookin' at You, Kid"Absent
"Lights! Camera! Action!"Absent
"Lesbians Gone Wild"Absent
"Lay Down the Law"Absent
"Liquid Heat"Absent
"Lunar Cycle"Absent
"Loyal and True"Appears
The L Word, season 6
Episode Appearance Status
"Long Night's Journey Into Day"Absent
"Least Likely"Mentioned
"Leaving Los Angeles"Absent
"Litmus Test"Absent
"Lactose Intolerant"Absent
"Last Couple Standing"Absent
"Last Word"Appears
Generation Q, season 2
Episode Appearance Status
"Late to the Party"Absent
"Lean on Me"Absent
"Luck Be a Lady"Absent
"Lake House"Absent
"Lobsters, Too"Absent
"Love Shack"Absent
"Launch Party"Mentioned
"Last Dance"Absent
"Last Call"Absent


Quotes by or about Peggy from The L Word and Generation Q.

Peggy (to Helena): "And now, because I love you so very much, I'm going to do something truly radical. Sweetheart, I'm cutting you off financially. From this moment forth, you are going to have to make relationships with people who love you for yourself, not your money. This is going to turn your life around, darling. You're such a wonderful girl, such a beautiful girl, with such a surprisingly kind heart. You need to know that people love you even if you are penniless."
-- in "Left Hand of the Goddess"

Peggy (to Helena): "Peabodys don't have debts, darling. Not to anyone, and certainly not to society."
-- in "Lady of the Lake"





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