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I need to be with someone who is my equal. I want to get married and have a family...

–Rebecca, Labels

Rebecca is a minister at a Multicultural Community Church who identifies as queer.


At one point, Rebecca was in a relationship with a guy she'd been hoping would change, causing her to stay in the relationship for longer than she wanted to before he made her realize that she shouldn't try and fix him.[2]

Generation Q

Rebecca met Sarah Finley at a bar, then a sports bar called Atlas. They went home together that night, but Finley had been too drunk for it to lead anywhere. The next evening, however, Finley met with her and the two slept together.[3]

Finley was surprised to learn about her devotion to church, and more so when she saw Rebecca leading mass that day, leading her to think that she was a priest. Rebecca encouraged Finley to revisit her faith.[4]

They eventually slept together again, and Rebecca quickly developed feelings for her until Finley, who struggled with the idea of sleeping with a priest, drunkenly told her later that night that she could see her only because she didn't think her church was real, offending Rebecca.[5] Finley did not remember their conversation and Rebecca pointed this out when she came to apologize the next day. Rebecca told her that she wasn't ready for a relationship and that she needed to be with someone in the same place in life as her.[2]

Finley again showed up at her door much later, apologizing once again for hurting her. Though reluctant to hear Finley's problems at first, she saw how distressed she looked and began to offer her some words of wisdom, as well as finally told Finley that she was a minister, not a priest as she believed, before returning to her "person" inside the house.[6]


  • Season 1
    • Episode 2: Less Is More
    • Episode 3: Lost Love
    • Episode 4: LA Times
    • Episode 5: Labels
    • Episode 8: Lapse in Judgement


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