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Sarah Finley, better known simply as Finley, is a main character in The L Word: Generation Q. She is portrayed by Jacqueline Toboni and debuts in "Let's Do It Again".

Finley is an ambivalent careerist who is definitely going to get your coffee order wrong, if she even remembers to get it at all. She's trying to live her best life, though she might not remember large chunks of it, and underneath the fun-loving facade she's struggling with a lot of unresolved issues with her family and deeply religious upbringing.


Finley was raised in a Catholic household in Kansas City, Missouri.[4][5] She became estranged from her family due in part to their faith, even missing her Grandfather's funeral because she no longer attends the Catholic church.[6] She is not on comfortable speaking terms with her mother or sister, and her father and her have a very strained relationship but he seems the most willing to speak to her. She struggles with her faith, or lack thereof, and appears to have a lot of trauma related to the church.

At some point before Generation Q, Finley moved to Los Angeles where she lived in a one bedroom apartment in Koreatown with five other women.[4] Finley also began working as a production assistant on Alice Pieszecki's talk show.

Generation Q[]

Season one[]

Finley is first seen in episode one of the first season, and is working on Alice's show. Once Shane gets back to town, Alice buys her a bed after hearing her new house is empty, and sends Finley to set it up. Finley clearly has a crush on Shane, and after telling her that she shares a studio apartment with four other women, Shane offhandedly mentions if she ever needs a place to crash she could stay in one of Shane's guest rooms. Finley takes this to mean she can stay for extended periods of time, and comes to stay for "one, two weeks tops" but it's obvious she plans to stay indefinitely. She goes with Shane to a bar and meets Rebecca.

Rebecca and Finley sleep together, and the next day Finley is thrown when she finds out that Rebecca has to go to church, as she is extremely uncomfortable with Christianity due to her upbringing in the church. Sophie is scouting for locations for her wedding to Dani, and brings Finley with her to the MCC, where Rebecca said she was going to. When they get there, Finley realizes that Rebecca is the minister, and has a crisis. Later, after talking to Rebecca, she attends a Catholic mass and Rebecca comes to support her as it's a very emotional experience for her.

Finley struggles with her drinking problem throughout the season; she tells Shane she never has sex sober, and at one point she goes to Rebecca while incredibly drunk and tells her she loves her and that she's comfortable with them being together since she's not a "real priest" at a "real church" which upsets Rebecca and Rebecca tells her to leave. Finley wakes up the next day and after speaking with Tess, the manager of Shane's bar, she realizes she doesn't remember anything that she said to Rebecca. Tess takes her out for a hangover cure breakfast and she finds out that Tess is two years sober and has a discussion with her about sobriety, though she seems uncomfortable with sobriety at every turn. She goes over to Rebecca's house later to apologize, even if she doesn't know what she's apologizing for, and Rebecca tells her what she told her and tells her that she has a lot to work on with herself before asking her to leave. Finley leaves and calls her father and finds out that he's at her sister's engagement party. No one had told her that months earlier her sister got engaged and before she can suggest she'll see them at the wedding, her father cuts her off and tells her needs to go because her mother is coming.

Finley is next seen at Shane's bar, filling in for Lena, Tess's ex-girlfriend, and in the wake of the breakup and discovery that Lena was sleeping with Shane, Tess has broken her sobriety and her and Finley work together throughout the night unsuccessfully, and the two of them get very drunk and have sex after closing the bar. In the morning, Shane finds them together and threatens to fire Tess, and Finley apologizes, realizing that Tess breaking her sobriety was a much bigger deal, but Tess tells her it wasn't her fault.

Finley and Sophie have a "bro night" where they get drunk and get flirtatious with each other. Shane tells Finley that she needs to move out since Shane's ex wife is moving in with her. Sophie suggests Finley move in with her, before getting up to dance with her. While dancing, Finley and Sophie get intimately close, and almost kiss before separating. Later on, Finley is riding them home on her bike and professes her love for her. It's unclear if she means platonic or romantic love.

Later on, Sophie's grandmother gets into an accident and is hospitalized. Dani is preoccupied with work and can't be there, so Finley goes instead, and the two share a kiss. Finley realizes what she did was wrong, but also realizes she has profound feelings for Sophie. Later, Sophie and Finley have sex backstage at Alice's show. Finley feels extreme guilt, and decides to go home to Missouri to take herself out of the picture since Sophie and Dani are together. She is last seen at the airport, waiting to leave when Sophie arrives, torn between going with Finley, or following through on Dani's plan to elope in Hawaii.

Season two[]

Physical appearance[]


Episode appearances[]

Generation Q, season 1
Episode Appearance Status
"Let's Do It Again"Appears
"Less Is More"Appears
"Lost Love"Appears
"LA Times"Appears
"Loose Ends"Appears
"Lose It All"Appears
"Lapse in Judgement"Appears
Generation Q, season 2
Episode Appearance Status
"Late to the Party"Appears
"Lean on Me"Appears
"Luck Be a Lady"Appears
"Lake House"Appears
"Lobsters, Too"Appears
"Love Shack"Appears
"Launch Party"Appears
"Last Dance"Appears
"Last Call"Appears


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