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Alice's whiteboard Chart in "Luck, Next Time"

So? So the point is we're all connected, see? Through love, through loneliness, through one tiny, lamentable lapse in judgment. All of us, in our isolation, we reach out from the darkness, from the alienation of modern life, to form these connections. I think it's a really profound statement about the nature of human existence.

Alice explaining the Chart, "Let's Do It"

The Chart is a compilation of all romantic and sexual connections between characters across both The L Word and Generation Q. The Chart was first introduced in the series premiere of The L Word by Alice Pieszecki, who realized how insular the lesbian community in Los Angeles is, and believes that they are all linked through their sexual encounters with one another.[1][2]

The Chart[]

The following chart plots all canon relationships and hookups between main characters and major recurring characters across both The L Word and Generation Q. Minor characters who only appear in two or less episodes are not included.

Updated as of Generation Q, 2x10: "Last Call".

Gold: Main character in The L Word and Generation Q
Green: Main character in The L Word
Red: Main character in Generation Q
Blue: Recurring character in The L Word and/or Generation Q

The Chart.png


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