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The L Word consists of 70 episodes over six seasons that aired from 2004 to 2009. The list below provides the sequential order of the episodes.

Series overview[]

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 13 January 18, 2004 April 11, 2004
2 13 February 20, 2005 May 15, 2005
3 12 January 8, 2006 March 26, 2006
4 12 January 7, 2007 March 25, 2007
5 12 January 6, 2008 March 23, 2008
6 8 January 18, 2009 March 8, 2009

Season 1[]

# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate
1 LW S01E01 group 03.jpg "Pilot" Ilene Chaiken Rose Troche January 18, 2004
Bette Porter and Tina Kennard have been a couple for seven years and want to start a family. Their next-door neighbor, Tim Haspel, is about to form a couple when his girlfriend, talented young writer Jenny Schecter, moves in. Soon, mixing with Bette and Tina's circle of lesbian friends, Jenny learns that her mid-west university may not have prepared her for what she will learn about life, lust and love in Los Angeles.
2 LW S01E02 Shane and Alice 02.jpg "Let's Do It" Susan Miller Rose Troche January 25, 2004
Bette and Tina wait eagerly to see if Tina will get pregnant. Tim, unaware of her encounter with Jenny, invites Marina to a dinner party, outraging Bette and, once more, Kit tries to make amends.
3 LW S01E03 Bette and Peggy 03.jpg "Longing" Angela Robinson Lynne Stopkewich February 1, 2004
Bette engages in a battle of wills with the chairman of the gallery board and takes a desperate step; Jenny struggles with her feelings for Marina; Alice tries to regain her self-respect and Dana finally gets a date.
4 LW S01E04 Tina Kit Alice 01.jpg "Lies, Lies, Lies" Joshua Senter Clement Virgo February 8, 2004
Bette greets Tina's pregnancy with apparent delight despite her work problems; Jenny's relationship with Marina endangers her life with Tim; Dana's insecurity continues and Alice's mother problems escalate.
5 LW S01E05 Jenny and Tim 03.jpg "Lawfully" Rose Troche Daniel Minahan February 15, 2004
Tim catches Jenny with Marina and he and Jenny marry in haste; he is distrustful and she is desperate. When Bette announces Tina's pregnancy to her father, his reaction dismays her. Hurt that he avoided her, Kit offers little comfort.
6 LW S01E06 Bette 01.jpg "Losing It" Guinevere Turner Clement Virgo February 22, 2004
A rising artist in New York tests Bette's commitment while the sperm donor's girlfriend discovers a lonely Tina and starts harassing her. Tim returns home alone and Jenny gets a ride from two disaffected teenagers.
7 LW S01E07 Bette and Tina 01.jpg "L'Ennui" Ilene Chaiken Tony Goldwyn February 29, 2004
Relationships can be painful. Tim rejects Jenny. Marina doesn't but has another lover. Bette struggles with her fears about parenthood while Dana runs from her fears and from Lara. Kit is stung when her son doesn't show up for their meeting.
8 LW S01E08 Alice and Dana 01.jpg "Listen Up" Mark Zakarin Kari Skogland March 7, 2004
Identities, sexual and other, are in question as Jenny tries to explain her situation to her one-time roommate, Dana comes out to her right-wing parents, and Bette begins to consider her own self-image.
9 LW S01E09 Alice and Dana 01.jpg "Luck, Next Time" Rose Troche Rose Troche March 14, 2004
Bette faces serious personal and professional problems. Dana starts to find herself while fame — with complications — finds Shane. Alice just finds complications. Jenny is in turmoil and Kit is rehearsing for Slim Daddy's video.
10 LW S01E10 Shane and Cherie 01.jpg "Liberally" Ilene Chaiken Mary Harron March 21, 2004
An unexpected opportunity eases Tina's grief while Bette defends the gallery against a right-wing attack. Shane's relationship with her patrons gets complicated. Marina and Francesca fight and Jenny tries to help Tim.
11 LW S01E11 Shane and Jenny 01.jpg "Looking Back" Guinevere Turner Rose Troche March 28, 2004
Bette prepares for the gallery's new show and hires Candace, an attractive female contractor, to handle the set-up. Tina, Jenny, Shane, Alice and Dana share an eventful trip to Palm Springs.
12 LW S01E12 protest 01.jpg "Locked Up" Ilene Chaiken Lynne Stopkewich April 4, 2004
A near-riot at the gallery lands Bette and her friends in jail, putting Bette in dangerous proximity to Candace. Shane's relationships grow more convoluted; Kit meets Ivan, a drag king; Marina contemplates life without Francesca and Tim and Jenny discuss divorce.
13 LW S01E13 Bette and Tina 02.jpg "Limb from Limb" Ilene Chaiken Tony Goldwyn April 11, 2004
Tina finds out about Candace; Marina dates Robin and phones Jenny; Shane's patrons turn on her and Dana loses a friend and gains a fiancée while Kit tries to make sense of Ivan's attention and her reaction to them.

Season 2[]

# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate
1 LW S02E01 Bette 01.jpg "Life, Loss, Leaving" Ilene Chaiken Daniel Minahan February 20, 2005
The second season opens with Tina rebuffing Bette's attempts at reconciliation while Jenny prepares for an emotional farewell with Tim.
2 LW S02E02 Dana and Tonya.jpg "Lap Dance" Ilene Chaiken Lynne Stopkewich February 27, 2005
Tina hires a famous lawyer to represent her in the split with Bette; Jenny has a serious heart-to-heart with Robin; Kit's purchase of The Planet is finalized.
3 LW S02E03 Carmen and Jenny 01.jpg "Loneliest Number" Lara Spotts Rose Troche March 6, 2005
Kit preps The Planet for its grand reopening while Jenny meets her new roommate — Shane's love interest. Bette's emotional tailspin continues.
4 LW S02E04 Jenny and Mark 01.jpg "Lynch Pin" Ilene Chaiken Lisa Cholodenko March 13, 2005
Jenny and Shane search for a new roommate while Kit becomes attracted to a motivational self-help guru and Bette loses a major source of arts funding — to Tina.
5 LW S02E05 Jenny and Shane 01.jpg "Labyrinth" Rose Troche Burr Steers March 20, 2005
Jenny and Shane's new roommate launches a new video project: taping them; Bette and Tina's brief reunion is marred when Bette gets some bad professional news.
6 LW S02E06 Alice and Dana 01.jpg "Lagrimas de Oro" Guinevere Turner Jeremy Podeswa March 27, 2005
Tina moves out and considers her attraction to Helena; Alice gives Dana an ultimatum but Tonya has a shock in store; Jenny and Carmen bond over a lost puppy.
7 LW S02E07 Kit and Bette 01.jpg "Luminous" Ilene Chaiken Ernest R. Dickerson April 3, 2005
Alice and Dana tentatively begin dating, while Tina comes between Helena and her ex, Bette rejoins the singles scene, and Shane dulls her pain over Jenny and Carmen.
8 LW S02E08 Bette 01.jpg "Loyal" A.M. Homes Alison Maclean April 10, 2005
Bette and Tina agree to forge a new relationship; Jenny loses a chance to ghost-write a macho TV star's autobiography because she's gay; Shane goes to church.
9 LW S02E09 Shane and Carmen 01.jpg "Late, Later, Latent" David Stenn Tony Goldwyn April 17, 2005
Alice's sex-toy request freaks out Dana; Jenny learns the truth about TV star Burr — and about Carmen's feelings for Shane; Bette and Tina have a brief encounter.
10 LW S02E10 Alice and Dana 01.jpg "Land Ahoy" Ilene Chaiken Tricia Brock April 24, 2005
A lesbian cruise in the Caribbean proves eventful for Dana, Alice, Shane, Jenny and Carmen; Bette and Kit struggle to connect with their aging father Melvin (the late Ossie Davis) during a visit.
11 LW S02E11 Tina and Helena 01.jpg "Loud & Proud" Elizabeth Hunter Rose Troche May 1, 2005
Against the backdrop of a gay-pride parade, shocking secrets are revealed about Dana's brother and Jenny's past; Bette and Kit deal with their rapidly deteriorating father.
12 LW S02E12 Jenny 01.jpg "L'Chaim" Ilene Chaiken John Curran May 8, 2005
Bette moves her father into her home for his final days; Alice struggles with her jealousy over Dana's dinner with an ex and Jenny flirts with danger while confronting a repressed memory.
13 LW S02E13 Kit David Gloria 01.jpg "Lacuna" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken May 15, 2005
Melvin's memorial service is attended by a surprise guest; Bette is fired by Franklin, then coaches Tina through what turns out to be an unexpectedly difficult labor and delivery; Jenny is in trouble and asks for help.

Season 3[]

# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate
1 LW S03E01 Bette and Angie 01.jpg "Labia Majora" Ilene Chaiken Rose Troche January 8, 2006
The third season opens with Bette and Tina trying to rekindle their sexual groove after having a child; road rage grabs hold of Alice as she chases after Dana through the streets of Los Angeles; Helena purchases a movie studio; Jenny leaves the mid-west and heads back out to LA.
2 LW S03E02 Jenny and Max 01.jpg "Lost Weekend" A.M. Homes Bille Eltringham January 15, 2006
Billie Blaikie, a flamboyant party promoter sets up shop at The Planet; Alice refuses to let Helena throw out the life-size cut out of Dana; Jenny wants to be more than just friends with Moira; and Bette feels her life is out of her control.
3 LW S03E03 Alice 01.jpg "Lobsters" Ilene Chaiken Bronwen Hughes January 22, 2006
Shane sets up at Venice Beach's coolest new skate shop WAX; Jenny brings Moira home to LA and introduces her to the girls; Kit finds a friend in Angus, Bette and Tina's nanny; Alice continues her descent into a black hole over losing Dana; Bette refuses to curtail her spending habits; and Tina goes to work for Helena.
4 LW S03E04 Dana 01.jpg "Light My Fire" Cherien Dabis Lynne Stopkewich January 29, 2006
Jenny freaks out after Moira disappears all night; Bette takes on Capitol Hill; Carmen spins for Russell Simmons; Billie Jean King interviews Dana at a tennis match; Kit wonders if she's made the right choice with Billie as The Planet's new charge des affaires; and Helena falls for a documentary filmmaker.
5 LW S03E05 Carmen and Shane 01.jpg "Lifeline" Cherien Dabis Kimberly Peirce February 5, 2006
Dana gets the results of her biopsy and hears the "c word;" Alice meets Uta, a lesbian vampire at "Bisexual Speed-Dating;" Bette accidentally discovers something disturbing in Tina's online chat room; ex-flame Cherie drops into WAX and Shane's chair; Jenny gets word that a publisher is interested in her work and tries to be supportive with Moira's transition to Max.
6 LW S03E06 Shane Jenny Dana 01.jpg "Lifesize" Adam Rapp Tricia Brock February 12, 2006
Tina continues to struggle with her sexual feelings for men; Kit gives in to Angus; the girls rush to the hospital to be by Dana's side; New York comes calling to Jenny; Moira finds there's a shortcut to getting male hormones.
7 LW S03E07 Angus and Kit 01.jpg "Lone Star" Elizabeth Ziff Frank Pierson February 19, 2006
Jenny injects hormones into Moira; Dana undergoes chemo therapy and lashes out at Lara; Shane and Carmen get matching tattoos; Alice frantically searches for the Dana cutout; B52s hit the stage at The Planet; Kit fires Billie; and Tina takes another step towards Josh.
8 LW S03E08 Alice Dana and Shane.jpg "Latecomer" Ilene Chaiken Angela Robinson February 26, 2006
Moira informs everyone she is to be called Max; Kit gets a helping hand from Nona Hendryx; Helena takes Dana and the girls to a basketball game; Jenny gets busy trying to throw Max a benefit party; Tina moves out of Bette's bed; and Dana gets a new look.
9 LW S03E09 Alice and Dana.jpg "Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way" Ilene Chaiken Moisés Kaufman March 5, 2006
Dana meets Dr. Susan Love and looks like she's on the road to recovery; Carmen comes out to her family; Helena gets slapped with a law suit; Jenny goes to an F to M transsexual support group to deal with Max; Bette keeps struggling to find inner peace.
10 LW S03E10 Jenny.jpg "Losing the Light" Rose Troche Rose Troche March 12, 2006
Alice keeps vigil at Dana's bedside while she takes a turn for the worse; Carmen drops the unexpected on Shane; Bette's attempts at inner peace don't come easily; Lara calls from France looking for Dana; Jenny meets up with her ex-husband Tim and introduces him to Max; Peggy Peabody flies in to save Helena and the company; Tina settles in with Henry.
11 LW S03E11 Alice Shane Tina and Kit.jpg "Last Dance" Ilene Chaiken Allison Anders March 19, 2006
Alice steals some of Dana's ashes; Bette thinks about fighting for sole custody of baby Angelica; Lara arrives home too late; and, Max finally lands a job where Moira got turned down.
12 LW S03E12 group 01.jpg "Left Hand of the Goddess" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken March 26, 2006
The girls plan for Shane and Carmen's wedding while still grieving the loss of Dana. Shane goes to Oregon to meet her estranged father. Kit finds out she's pregnant. Bette continues to consider sole custody of Angelica, with Joyce Wischnia acting as attorney-at-large. Jenny realizes that Max's quest to fit in is not what she wants.

Season 4[]

# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate
1 LW S04E01 Bette 01.jpg "Legend in the Making" Ilene Chaiken Bronwen Hughes January 7, 2007
Bette kidnaps baby Angelica until a custody agreement can be brokered with Tina; Shane jilts Carmen at the altar and spirals out of control; Jenny is reunited with Marina; Helena's mother cuts her off.
2 LW S04E02 Jenny.jpg "Livin' La Vida Loca" Alexandra Kondracke Marleen Gorris January 14, 2007
Bette adjusts to her new job in academia for a formidable new boss (Cybill Shepherd); Jenny's book receives a scathing review; Tina must fire Helena from the studio, leaving her nowhere to go but accept a roommate offer from Alice.
3 LW S04E03 Bette.jpg "Lassoed" Ilene Chaiken Tricia Brock January 21, 2007
Bette embarks on an ill-advised affair with a teaching assistant, and her boss Phyllis comes out; Jenny tries to dig up dirt on the journalist that panned her book; Tina throws a party; Shane gets Helena a job at WAX.
4 LW S04E04 Jodi.jpg "Layup" Elizabeth Ziff Jessica Sharzer January 28, 2007
Bette deals with an artist (Marlee Matlin) whose work is politically incendiary, and fears the potential for disaster in the relationship between Phyllis and Alice; Tina is rejected by her friends at a basketball game and joins the opposing team.
5 LW S04E05 Alice 01.jpg "Lez Girls" Ilene Chaiken John Stockwell February 4, 2007
The tryst between Bette and her TA threatens her new career; Alice breaks up with Phyllis after meeting her husband; Tina discovers Angus with her au pair Hazel; Jenny publishes a short story in "The New Yorker" that infuriates Alice.
6 LW S04E06 Helena Shane Alice 01 v2.jpg "Luck Be a Lady" Angela Robinson Angela Robinson February 11, 2007
Bette enjoys a new romance even as she clashes with Tina over the baby's preschool and weathers the emotional fallout of Alice's split with Phyllis; Helena, Shane and Alice learn how to play poker.
7 LW S04E07 Helena 01.jpg "Lesson Number One" Ariel Schrag Moisés Kaufman February 18, 2007
Jenny's short story about her friends sparks interest from Hollywood; Helena struggles to pay back her poker debt; Alice's new girlfriend Tasha experiences flashbacks to the war in Iraq; Bette and her new girlfriend console Phyllis.
8 LW S04E08 Shane.jpg "Lexington and Concord" Ilene Chaiken Jamie Babbit February 25, 2007
Jenny's revenge on her critic backfires in front of her agents; Alice and Tasha disagree over the war in Iraq but find common ground romantically; Tina meets Bette's new girlfriend Jodi; Kit unloads publicly on the cheating Angus.
9 LW S04E09 Gabriel and Shay 01.jpg "Lacy Lilting Lyrics" Cherien Dabis Bronwen Hughes March 4, 2007
Tina and Jenny have creative differences over the development of their movie; Alice and her friends console Phyllis's heartbroken husband; Bette and Jodi's relationship might go to the next level if Bette can curb her Type-A personality.
10 LW S04E10 Alice and Tasha 02.jpg "Little Boy Blue" Elizabeth Ziff Karyn Kusama March 11, 2007
Kit binge-drinks while Angus tries to apologize for his infidelity; Alice finds investors in her blog, but with strings attached that involve Jenny, who finds the perfect director for her movie; Bette's control issues make an ugly appearance.
11 LW S04E11 Tina and Kate 01.jpg "Literary License to Kill" Ilene Chaiken John Stockwell March 18, 2007
Jenny's serialized short stories hit home for Bette, who faces losing Jodi to an art center on the east coast; Iraq flashbacks haunt Alice's girlfriend Tasha, who is ordered by a commanding officer to hide her sexuality.
12 LW S04E12 Jenny.jpg "Long Time Coming" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken March 25, 2007
Tina returns to lesbian life while Bette seeks her advice on wooing Jodi back; Shane's relationship with single-mom Paige becomes serious; Tasha must return to Iraq; Phyllis pursues a divorce; Jenny may get fired from her own movie.

Season 5[]

# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate
1 LW S05E01 Kit and Phyllis 01.jpg "LGB Tease" Ilene Chaiken Angela Robinson January 6, 2008
The fifth season opens with Shane derailing plans to move in with Paige, then suffering the consequences, while Jenny returns from a Mexican vacation with a billionaire movie financier in tow, and Phyllis has sudden doubts about the exclusivity of her romance with Joyce.
2 LW S05E02 Alice and Tasha 01 v2.jpg "Look Out, Here They Come!" Cherien Dabis Jamie Babbit January 13, 2008
Tina's obvious, lingering affection for Bette affects her dating prospects; Shane's last-minute gig styling hair at a wedding results in a comic series of erotic encounters; Tasha reveals her reason for not shipping out to Iraq: she's being investigated for "homosexual conduct."
3 LW S05E03 Alice Shane Helena 01 v2.jpg "Lady of the Lake" Ilene Chaiken Tricia Brock January 20, 2008
Shane swears off sex and reaps the health benefits with new energy and focus; Tina's dating woes finally improve; Max ponders a mutual same-sex attraction to Jodi's interpreter; The Planet is burglarized and Kit attacked after hours.
4 LW S05E04 Shane 01.jpg "Let's Get This Party Started" Elizabeth Ziff John Stockwell January 27, 2008
Bette's jealousy over Tina's new girlfriend is the probable cause of a surprising moment; Jenny is courted for the lead in her movie by the latest Bond girl; the gang attends the opening of a new lesbian club competing with The Planet.
5 LW S05E05 Jenny 01.jpg "Lookin' at You, Kid" Angela Robinson Angela Robinson February 3, 2008
Jenny throws a bash to introduce her friends to the actresses playing them in "Lez Girls," provoking both delight and distress; Bette and Tina try to deal with what is obviously a rekindled spark; Alice angrily outs a secretly gay sports star after he utters a homophobic slur, sparking a media firestorm.
6 LW S05E06 Shane 01.jpg "Lights! Camera! Action!" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken February 10, 2008
The production of "Lez Girls" finally begins and director Jenny deals with all the usual headaches of filmmaking — including a recalcitrant star and lover, Niki; Bette and Tina struggle with their rekindled feelings; the owners of SheBar take their war against the gang to the next level.
7 LW S05E07 Tina and Shane 01.jpg "Lesbians Gone Wild" Elizabeth Ziff Angela Robinson February 17, 2008
Tasha meets Colonel Gillian Davis, the hard-assed military attorney who will be prosecuting her "Don't Ask Don't Tell" case. Back on the Lez Girls set, Bette and Tina steal a passionate moment behind-the-scenes while conniving Adele convinces Niki Stevens to ditch work for "Lesbian Turkish Oil Wrestling" at rival club, SheBar.
8 LW S05E08 Curtis and Tasha 01.jpg "Lay Down the Law" Alexandra Kondracke Leslie Libman February 24, 2008
Niki Stevens' star in Hollywood is rising with the premiere of her big action flick. So when the gossip rags catch wind that Niki might be a real lez girl, her agents are panicked. Meanwhile, Shane's dealing with girl troubles of her own, hung up on straight girl Molly. Jodi offers to play wingman and throws a dinner party so that Shane can invite her crush. To Bette's alarm, Jodi also invites Tina who brings her current love interest Sam, the Lez Girls DP.
9 LW S05E09 Alice and Tasha 01.jpg "Liquid Heat" Ilene Chaiken Rose Troche March 2, 2008
Amidst a scorching heat wave in Los Angeles, Jenny finds her own temperature rising on the set of Lez Girls. After a quick dip in the pool, Jodi does her best to cool things off with Bette but is quickly turned away as Bette would rather brave the heat with Tina than with Jodi. Shane convinces Jenny to accompany her to a mafia-inspired sit down hosted by the women of SheBar, Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi.
10 LW S05E10 Jenny and Niki 02.jpg "Lifecycle" Angela Robinson Angela Robinson March 9, 2008
As the girls prepare to set off on the Subaru Pink Ride, Tina spots Niki Stevens embarking on more than just a bike ride with Jenny. Shane is confronted by her new admirer, or shall we say 'stalker' Molly. A sympathetic Tina pedals through the topic of Jodi and Bette.
11 LW S05E11 Alice 01.jpg "Lunar Cycle" Ilene Chaiken Bob Aschmann March 16, 2008
Adele shocks the producers of Lez Girls as she gathers everyone together to reveal a steamy sex tape between the film's director and leading lady. With the film's reputation at stake, she informs everyone of her blackmailing agenda. Breaking up is tough to do as Jodi returns to Bette for answers. Back at The Planet, the girls are outraged when SheBar owners Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi announce their newest purchase.
12 LW S05E12 Tina 01.jpg "Loyal and True" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken March 23, 2008
Shane and Molly share a passionate morning before meeting Molly's mother, Phyllis and Joyce for breakfast. Helena Peabody returns to Los Angeles to visit her mother in the hospital and is gifted with her family's wealth once again. Once hearing of Kit's loss of The Planet while she was away, Helena brings a mighty tempting proposition to SheBar owner Cindi, which is hard to resist. Lez Girls is finally finished as everyone arrives in all the glitz and glamour to the film's celebration wrap party.

Season 6[]

# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate
1 LW S06E01 Alice and Tasha 01.jpg "Long Night's Journey Into Day" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken January 18, 2009
Last season's spontaneous steamy moment between Shane and Nikki leads Jenny to confess the identity of her true love and complicates the group's future dynamics. On the sixth and final season of THE L WORD®, careers evolve, relationships are tested and friendships end in murder. It begins with Jenny found dead! As a result, everyone's lives are turned upside down leaving all the friends despondent but also suspects — who did it and how did it happen? Flashbacks of the months leading up to the murder will be the only way to put the pieces together to learn why.
2 LW S06E02 Kelly Tina Bette 01.jpg "Least Likely" Rose Troche Rose Troche January 25, 2009
Bette and Tina talk about expanding their family and beginning a new life but the plan could be ruined when Bette bumps into an old friend with dangerous potential; Alice and Tasha ponder their compatibility as they seek counseling; an old flame appears sending Helena reeling; and Max is faced with an extraordinary situation.
3 LW S06E03 Jenny 01.jpg "LMFAO" Alexandra Kondracke Angela Robinson February 1, 2009
The negative of "Lez Girls" goes missing; Shane's guilt from her intimate moment with Niki leads to her incessant apologizing to Jenny; Alice's feelings are hurt when Jenny denounces her desire to write a screenplay; Phyllis lets Bette in on a suppressed secret; and it's opening night at Kit and Helena's new club, HIT!
4 LW S06E04 Tasha Alice Jenny 01.jpg "Leaving Los Angeles" Ilene Chaiken Rose Troche February 8, 2009
Shane and Jenny are still melting over each other; Bette and Tina go to Nevada to meet a potential birth mother; Max is trying to deal with being pregnant; Alice and Tasha play matchmaker; and Kelly Wentworth may have what Bette needs.
5 LW S06E05 Alice 01.jpg "Litmus Test" Angela Robinson Angela Robinson February 15, 2009
Jenny writes another script that sells; Bette and Kelly go into business; Alice and Tasha have a third-person crush in their relationship; the girls plot a sting operation to test Dylan; and, Jenny encroaches more on Shane.
6 LW S06E06 group 01.jpg "Lactose Intolerant" Elizabeth Ziff John Stockwell February 22, 2009
Jenny throws a baby shower for Max; Bette and Tina hit a roadblock in the adoption process; Bette goes solo to her gallery's opening night celebration leading Kelly to go in for the kill; Shane is feeling boxed in by Jenny; and Alice starts to feel like three is a crowd.
7 LW S06E07 Bette 01.jpg "Last Couple Standing" Ilene Chaiken Rose Troche March 1, 2009
The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center dance marathon is on; someone is moving to the Big Apple; rumors fly fast around the dance floor that Alice and Tasha may be in couple trouble and the HIT!'s new MC makes a shocking revelation to Kit.
8 LW S06E08 Shane 01.jpg "Last Word" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken March 8, 2009
In the final episode of the series, what starts out as a celebration of friendship quickly ends in a web of betrayal and deceit; the girls find themselves being investigated about Jenny's untimely death by Sergeant Duffy.